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Here is an example:

Track Your Order

Mostly, the tracking No. is added recently, and it takes at least several hours for shipping carriers to update tracking info, and sync the data to us, so, please be patient, and be assured that our shipping carriers are all with real stable performance in airline shipping. 


BUT, please do not hesitate to contact us if it still shows nothing after several days.

Mostly, the shipping carriers can not locate your address, postcode, or can not contact you. That is why we ask you to check your address, postcode, Phone No by email after you place an order.
Here are some backgrounds for you to understand TWO steps of the shipping process:

1. We only use large shipping carriers with very stable performance for international shipping by airlines, usually, there is no trouble in this step.
2. The Second step is domestic shipping in your country. These large shipping carriers always have their local shipping partners just for local delivery. It is a great way to achieve fast delivery.

From our experience, 99.8% of cases are from the second step because of incorrect addresses. So, just contact us in this case, we will send you relative information of local shipping carriers, and we will ask you to provide them the correct address, postcode, phone No. and tracking No to facilitate the delivery on time.


Sorry, we are updating the tracking system.

Please track shipping at another system by inputting the tracking code.
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