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How to get an invoice from us?


For some customers in Europe or South America, usually, we already paid all the sales taxes and import taxes for you if import tax is applied.

But, for some countries, like Brazil, there are still some taxes that will occur if the order is over 50 US dollars. So,  If you need help with a specific amount invoice, just feel free to write to us with your order No and your request, so that we can regenerate a PDF invoice for you, and it will be regenerated and automatically send to you by email, or you can download it at your order page.

Here are steps on how to get an invoice:

Please make sure you register an account before placing an order so that you can download your invoice under “My account“.

  • After you place an order, you will be able to receive an email in which the invoice in PDF format should be already attached. Please download the PDF invoice attached by clicking the PDF file name,  and it will be automatically downloaded to your local device. Here is the screenshot to show the email content.

How To Get An Invoice From Us?

Just In case, if you miss the emails, or lose them, just go to “My Account”, then click the specific order,  you will see the “Print Invoice” button as the following screenshot:

How To Get An Invoice From Us?

After click “Invoice” button, it will redirect you to the invoice preview page, and it will looks like the following screenshot, and please click “download” it to your local device.

How To Get An Invoice From Us?

If you need any help, just feel free to write to us.

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